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An experienced educator and noted author, Jay McTighe provides consulting services to schools, districts, regional service agencies and state departments of education. Jay’s professional efforts are devoted to six inter-related educational goals:

• Improving the quality of student thinking
• Mapping the curriculum around “big ideas” and essential questions
• Developing the 21st Century Skills of critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration
• Creating performance assessments for measuring what matters most
• Engaging students in meaningful learning around authentic tasks
• Teaching for understanding and transfer

A popular and effective speaker, Jay McTighe is available for a variety of presentation venues, from Keynote addresses to multi-day workshops. For further information, contact him via e-mail or phone, (410) 531-1610.

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Dr. Eric Carbaugh and I are offering a 2 1/2 day "design" workshop on Understanding by Design® on July 10-12 in Orlando, FL. This is the perfect session to learn about UbD or deepen your understanding of this award-winning curriculum design framework. Hope to meet you there!

I initially thought #ChatGPT was going to be just another quick source of information. I was way off and this discussion proves why.
@lmcampbell2001 @Catlin_Tucker @jaymctighe @danfitztweets @JamesBrauer @ideasforteacher @bamradionetwork #TEACHers #edtech

Generative AI systems like ChatGPT are here to stay and it does not make sense to try to "ban" them from schools. Instead, let's teach students how to use them critically and ethically, while helping educators see their usefulness. This article does the latter!

Thank you @jaymctighe for kicking us off today's #PBL & #STEM summit with "Easing into Project-Based Learning." A great way to start the day! Check out Jay's featured book at @DefinedLearning

Here is a lively panel discussion about ChatGPT and education.

[LISTEN] Yes, We’re Using ChatGPT to Teach Higher Order Thinking, Here’s How with @lmcampbell2001 @Catlin_Tucker @jaymctighe @danfitztweets @JamesBrauer @ideasforteacher @bamradionetwork @jonharper70bd

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