An experienced educator and noted author, Jay McTighe provides consulting services to schools, districts, regional service agencies and state departments of education. Jay’s professional efforts are devoted to six inter-related educational goals:

• Improving the quality of student thinking

• Mapping the curriculum around “big ideas” and essential questions

• Developing the 21st Century Skills of critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration

• Creating performance assessments for measuring what matters most

• Engaging students in meaningful learning around authentic tasks

• Teaching for understanding and transfer

A popular and effective speaker, Jay McTighe is available for a variety of presentation venues, from Keynote addresses to multi-day workshops. For further information, contact him via e-mail or phone, (410) 531-1610.

Professional Development Resources

UbD + Eduplanet21

Online modules on Performance Tasks – Design & Use

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Innovation cannot be mandated! A book study is a great way of engaging colleagues and staff in a communal exploration of innovative ideas... and building the understanding and ownership needed for successful design and implementation of new ideas.

A new report, The Future of K-12 Transcripts, explores current approaches to grading, reporting, cumulative records and educational transcripts. It then, offers a vision of a more comprehensive system for documenting and credentializing competencies.

Briana Hodges makes the case that portfolios boost assessment relevancy, help gauge learning progress, encourage meaningful learning, and support a growth mindset.

UbD can be used to design subject- specific units as well as interdisciplinary projects! The focus is the same—planning with the “end” in mind—developing and deepening students’ understanding so that they can transfer their learning.

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