Since Erik began teaching in 1994, he has enjoyed working with other educators to design and implement engaging, challenging, and meaningful learning experiences for students. While he has taught at both the high school and college levels, he has spent most of his career at Joel E. Ferris High School in Spokane where he teaches English and, occasionally, French. Additionally, as an ASCD faculty member, he has provided professional development across the United States by collaborating with schools and districts to help them reach their professional goals. His work in the classroom was featured in Moving Forward with Understanding by Design (2007), and he has been a guest blogger for ASCD’s In-Service (2021).

Erik’s work with The College Board, moreover, includes assessing and aligning standards for pre-AP and AP English, co-authoring materials for College Ed (2010), and serving as co-chair for the AP English Literature and Composition Development Committee. He edited and co-authored the Curriculum Module Developing Analytical Skills through Poetry (2012) and has served as an item writer for the AP English Literature and Composition exam. Much of his recent work has focused on the challenges educators face while trying to implement self-directed learning experiences in their classes. Erik earned his EdD from Gonzaga University.  

Areas of Expertise:

    • Understanding by Design
    • Self-Directed Learning
    • Assessment

Available for consulting work in:

    • North America
    • International locations on all continents