Dr. Stefani Arzonetti Hite works with organizations world-wide on systemic change initiatives by focusing on building individual and team capacity and fostering a growth culture through professional dialogue. One of Stef’s specialties is to use curriculum development efforts to build educator collective efficacy, shown to considerably accelerate student achievement (Hattie 2018).

Stef has taught levels from Kindergarten through graduate school, been a curriculum director, and deputy head of an international school in England. For the past ten years, Stef has run student international exchange programs and created travel opportunities for middle school groups. In addition, Stef creates travel-based curriculum for families pursuing around-the-world explorations.

Stef holds a BA from Tufts University and an MSEd and EdD from the University of Pennsylvania. She holds early childhood and elementary teaching certificates as well as K-12 principal, curriculum supervision, and superintendent credentials. Stef’s recent publications include: Leading Collective Efficacy: Powerful Stories of Achievement and Equity (co-authored with Jenni Donohoo) and Intentional and Targeted Teaching: A Framework for Teacher Growth and Leadership (co-authored with Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey).

Areas of expertise:

  • Assessment for Learning
  • Collective Teacher Efficacy
  • Curriculum design using the UbD framework
  • Formative Assessment
  • Futures Visioning
  • Instructional Strategies
  • Peer Coaching
  • Performance Task and Rubric Design
  • Program Evaluation
  • School Accreditation Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teacher and Principal Evaluation
  • Trauma Responsive Schools
  • UbD for school and district leaders (Schooling by Design)

Available for work:
            North America and International Locations