Todd Samet is a high school science teacher whose 30+ years of classroom experience deeply inform his work as a MAC consultant. The bulk of Todd’s teaching career has been in the California public school system, but has also included work in private schools. Beyond the classroom, Todd has served as department chair, district science coordinator, mentor teacher and instructional facilitator. He has also worked with the California Department of Education on a variety of assessment projects, as well on regional and state level professional development programs. Working from his teacher’s perspective, this breadth of experience allows Todd to effectively translate the principles of Understanding by Design™ into practical classroom application. He is especially effective at introducing and coaching new adopters to the Understanding by Design™ model.

Todd has been working with Understanding by Design™ since 2005 and with McTighe and Associates since 2017. His recent work has focused on effective assessment practices, specially the use performance tasks to assess higher level learning. He also specializes in science instruction, especially the new model envisioned by the Next Generation Science Standards. Todd has found the Understanding by Design™ especially effective in building curriculum and instruction aligned to the NGSS vision of three-dimensional instruction. Todd has a passion for education and is excited to share that passion with fellow practitioners.

Areas of Expertise

  • Understanding by Design™
  • Science Curriculum and Instruction
  • Assessment Design and Performance Tasks
  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • Macro Level Curriculum Design